Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mojo Meditation

This is another shot of mojo meditating. He does this alot. When I come home from work, usually once a month, Mojo is very excited to see me. I am not sure that the "Dog Whisperer" would approve of how excited, but we think he is "in control" and meets with the spirit of "boundaries and limitations". We run a tight ship and Mojo fits right in...
Mojo has been very well trained and is people friendly. My wife made sure when he was growning up that he was indoctrinated to all kinds of noise, people, and activity.
All of our dogs have jobs. Mojo is a certifed Therapy Dog and goes to VA Hospital to make visits. He is very aware of his surroundings and after much training, he interacts with patients in a calm and deliberate manner. We are proud of him and the patients (and nurses) ask for him by name.
When he is not at work, he watches over our property along with his denmates and watches over "his stuff". At night all 3 of our dogs are cleaned up, feed, and allowed in-doors. Our philosopy is two-fold:
1 - We give them the shelter and caring that they desirve, and
2 - We do not condone "outside dogs" who go unsupervised and are allowed to become neighborhood annoyances. The bottom line is very simple - Bad Pet = Bad Pet Owner.
At night, Mojo sleeps in a bed called the "Big Shrimpy". It is very popular and we have had turf-wars between Mojo, Cora and Winnie over who sleeps where? This is very strange and it continues to be a source of entertainment for my wife and I.

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