Sunday, February 3, 2008

Queen Winnie

Winnie is a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. She has been in our family since she was "brand new". I could write volumes of stories on her background, and maybe I will, but the long and short of the matter is that she has been the perfect pet. She is predictable, reliable, well mannered, and loyal to her owners. If she is not sure what you are all about, she will give you "space", and go lay down somewhere and observe you from a distance. Rest assured that Winnie is watching your every move and will stand her ground.

Shade Tree Cora

Cora was born and raised in Arizona where it can get very hot in the summer. While hiking in the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico, we noticed that when we stopped for a break, she would walk over to a tree and stand under the shade. We're thinking that this dog is pretty smart...

Safety First

Mojo takes his road trips seriously. Here he is in his pilot-like seat harness getting ready for a ride.